Are you trying to figure out how to keep your kids busy on the weekends? At Duscha Preschool, we understand the value of training kids in fun and informative activities to keep them interested. Kids can play and have a great time during the weekends, but they can also be excellent times for learning. Let’s get right in to some of the top kid-friendly educational weekend activities in Lucknow that will keep your kids excited to learn!

1. Visit the Regional Science City

 One of the best educational experiences for children is to visit the Regional Science City. Children can interact with scientific exhibits, play with them, and do independent experiments here. The interactive exhibits make science learning fun and simple, enabling children to understand difficult concepts via play.

2. Explore the Lucknow Zoo

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A trip to the Lucknow Zoo can be both fun and educational. Children can learn about different animals, their habitats, and the importance of wildlife conservation. It’s a perfect way to teach kids about biodiversity and the natural world. Make it a scavenger hunt where they have to find and learn about specific animals, adding an element of excitement to the visit.


3. Attend Storytelling Sessions at Local Libraries

Lucknow boasts several libraries that host weekend storytelling sessions. These sessions can ignite a love for reading and improve your child’s listening and comprehension skills. Duscha Preschool often collaborates with local libraries for special storytelling events that are both fun and educational. Reading stories aloud helps children develop their language skills and stimulates their imagination.

4. Participate in Art and Craft Workshops

Many art and craft studios in Lucknow offer weekend workshops for children. These workshops are fantastic for nurturing creativity and fine motor skills. Kids can learn new techniques and create their masterpieces, which also boosts their confidence. Duscha Preschool occasionally organizes such workshops, where children can explore different art forms and express themselves creatively.

5. Engage in Outdoor Learning Activities

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Engaging in outdoor activities is a fantastic method to integrate learning with physical activity. There is plenty of space for outdoor pursuits including bird viewing, picnics, and nature walks in locations like Janeshwar Mishra Park. Children can learn about the environment, the value of exercise, and the happiness that comes with playing outside through these activities. Simple science projects, such as determining a tree’s height or differentiating between insects and plants, can also be planned.


6. Educational Tours to Historical Sites

Lucknow is rich in history, and educational tours to places like Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara, and the Residency can be incredibly informative. These tours can help children learn about the city’s history, architecture, and cultural heritage. You can turn these tours into a fun history lesson, making learning about the past exciting and relevant.

7. Fun with Cooking Classes

Cooking is a wonderful way to teach children about math, science, and nutrition. Many places in Lucknow offer weekend cooking classes for kids, where they can learn to make simple and healthy recipes. Cooking together can also be a great bonding activity and teach children essential life skills.

8. Enroll in Music and Dance Classes

Music and dance classes can be both fun and educational. They help children develop rhythm, coordination, and a sense of cultural appreciation. Several schools and studios in Lucknow offer weekend classes that cater to different age groups and skill levels. Participating in these activities can enhance children’s emotional expression and social skills.


Weekends in Lucknow can be a treasure trove of learning opportunities for children. From science museums and zoos to art workshops and historical tours, there’s no shortage of activities that can make learning fun and engaging. At Duscha Preschool, we believe in the holistic development of children, and we encourage parents to explore these educational activities to enrich their children’s weekend experiences. Remember, learning doesn’t have to stop when the school bell rings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best weekend activities for children include outdoor play, such as visiting parks, going for bike rides, or having a picnic. Indoor activities can also be fun, like doing arts and crafts, baking cookies, or playing board games. Sports activities like soccer, swimming, or tennis help kids stay active. Visiting museums, zoos, or aquariums can be educational and entertaining. 

Yes, kids can engage in a variety of free educational activities. Storytimes, craft projects, and educational events are frequently available at libraries. Numerous museums host kid-focused events or days when admission is free. Parks and nature reserves offer chances for environmental exploration and outdoor education. There are numerous free educational games, films, and courses available online, such as PBS Kids, National Geographic Kids, and Khan Academy.

We’ve made sure that our activities are age-appropriate, so there’s something fun and interesting for everyone. Children between the ages of three and twelve can participate in most activities. Activities within this range have been thoughtfully designed with age-appropriate material and difficulty levels in mind for each age group. Some activities can also be modified for older kids or smaller toddlers.

Daycare helps kids develop social skills, independence, and confidence. These qualities set a good and strong foundation for their future growth and success. By interacting with others and following routines, children learn valuable life skills. Daycare encourages curiosity, creativity and prepares them for challenges ahead. Overall, daycares play a very crucial role in shaping children into well-rounded individuals ready to face the world.

At daycare, kids enjoy many activities like arts and crafts, storytelling, and outdoor play. These fun experiences help them learn and grow. Through play, children develop creativity, motor skills, and social bonds. Other activities like singing, dancing, and playing on stages build confidence. games or a “Holiday Magic” week with festive activities like decorating cookies and making holiday cards.

We also celebrate major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s with special events and decorations. It’s a great way for children to learn about different traditions and have fun together.