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“Curious Little Minds Make Great Individuals”


are best Preschool and Daycare in Lucknow, the foundation of your little one’s life.

Duscha Pre-School & Daycare is more than an educational institution, we are architects of early childhood development. With a commitment to innovation, cultural integration, and holistic growth, we shape the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow. Our values of safety, creativity, and individualized attention ensure a nurturing environment where every child’s journey is unique and filled with opportunities to learn, explore, and flourish.

Holistic Development

Duscha’s holistic development approach ensures that children receive a well-rounded education…


Health & Safety

At Duscha, we go above and beyond to ensure the safety and well-being of your child.


Modern Infrastructure & Facilities

Duscha redefines excellence with state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge facilities.



At Duscha pre-school, we believe building the best of them through our programs

Day Care

Our thoughtfully designed daycare program places a strong emphasis on a secure and engaging atmosphere that promotes socialization, artistic discovery, and skill development. We guarantee your child's happiness and well-being with committed caregivers, modern facilities, and an emphasis on holistic development.


Our Playgroup program is designed to spark curiosity, foster social skills, and ignite a love for exploration in your little one. With engaging activities, caring educators, and a supportive environment, our Playgroup is where early education becomes an exciting adventure for your child.


Our Nursery syllabus is meticulously designed to provide the optimal blend of activities and a conducive learning environment, guiding each child toward their educational milestones. Focused on school readiness, our approach incorporates engaging activities that foster both fun and purposeful learning.


Students develop sensory and motor skills. Developing vocabulary to express themselves.


At Duscha Pre-School & Daycare, Our LKG curriculum provides a nurturing environment for holistic development. Through a blend of engaging and age-appropriate activities, we foster cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth, laying a strong foundation for future learning.


At Duscha Pre-School & Daycare, Our UKG curriculum is meticulously crafted to facilitate a seamless transition to formal schooling. Our approach ensures that children engage in age-appropriate activities encompassing the English language, numbers, general knowledge, music, physical development, and art.

Why Choose Duscha Preschool & Daycare ?

Innovative Learning Environment

  • Engaging and dynamic curriculum.
  • Cutting-edge teaching methods to stimulate creativity.

Modern Infrastructure

  • State-of-the-art facilities for a safe and enriching space.
  • Tools and resources for comprehensive early education.

Qualified and Caring Educators

  • Experienced teachers dedicated to nurturing each child.
  • Supportive and compassionate learning environment.

Cultural Integration

  • Blending Indian culture with modern best practices.
  • Fostering a strong sense of identity and appreciation for diversity.

Holistic Child Development

  • Prioritizing cognitive, emotional, physical, and social growth.
  • Well-rounded programs beyond traditional academics.

Focus on Future Readiness

  • Preparing children for success in an ever-evolving world.
  • Emphasis on skills, knowledge, and a mindset for life.

Parental Engagement

  • Strong partnership between parents and educators.
  • Open communication and collaboration for the child's best outcomes.

Safe and Nurturing Environment

  • Paramount focus on the safety and well-being of every child.
  • Secure protocols to encourage exploration and learning.

Individualized Attention

  • Tailored approach recognizing each child's uniqueness.
  • Support for optimal development in varied learning styles.

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Awards & Recognition

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Sia’s Mother
Sia’s Mother
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My daughter joined Duscha mid-term and I am really happy with the way she was welcomed in school. Her academics were taken care of well by teachers with some extra classes to cover up the syllabus. I am happy with the extra attention given by teachers.
Anwesha's Mother
Anwesha's Mother
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Thank you school team for going above and beyond for my daughter and being such a caring part of our life. Teachers and staff members are very friendly and always available whenever we need. A special thanks to Neha maam for encouraging Anwesha and developing confidence in her.
Neha Gupta (Ahana's Mother)
Neha Gupta (Ahana's Mother)
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Well decorated classrooms and good infrastructure. Best-suitable for children. They continue to develop child friendly curriculum and child safe environments. Fun learning activities are in abundance, children learn effectively and enjoy study. Here, they organize many events regularly so that children have all opportunities to discover their unique potential
Samarth's Parent
Samarth's Parent
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They have a great environment, hard working teachers who focus on all round development of the children. Efforts put by teachers on every single single child as we saw the overall development in his personality from the very start. Very much satisfied with the environment and staff of the school.

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