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Our classes are smart and air-conditioned. We also are facilitated with CCTV in school campus along with an emphasis on children’s all round development.



Play Group

1.5 years – 2.5 years


2.5 years – 3.5 years


3.5 years – 4.5 years


4.5 years – 5.5 years

1st Standard

5.5 years – 6.5 years

2nd Standard

6.5 years – 7.5 years

Learning happens outside the classroom as well and is focussed on. We consider it to be the most important way for children to learn by play that includes school projects, environmental education and plenty more that is about problem solving.

No, the fee structure is not the same in Duscha and it varies from class to class. Every class fee structure is different.

Admission to the pre-primary classes is decided based on the age of the child, ability via an entrance exam followed by interview with the principal.