Duscha Playschool in Lucknow: Welcoming the Chilly Season


As the brisk winds announce the arrival of winter, parents gear up to ensure their little ones stay warm and healthy during the chilly season. The winter season is not just about chilly winds and cozy blankets, it holds a unique charm, especially for children. For them, it’s a time of exploration, learning, and fun. It’s an opportunity for children to engage in unique experiences that contribute to their overall development. 


In this blog, we’ll explore how Duscha Playschool in Lucknow warmly welcomes the winter season, providing a nurturing environment for preschoolers.

Adapting to the Winter Season at Home

Helping kids adapt to colder weather is crucial for their well-being. Parents can play a significant role by incorporating simple yet effective practices. Maintaining a consistent routine, ensuring proper nutrition, and encouraging indoor activities are key aspects of ensuring a smooth transition into the winter months.

From indoor play activities that enhance cognitive skills to introducing them to winter-themed stories, there are numerous ways to make the winter season an exciting learning experience. Duscha Playschool offers guidance to parents on creating a conducive environment for their children at home. We’d love to help you so do reach us out!

Essential Winter Gear for Preschoolers

Sending your little one to preschool during the winter season requires careful preparation. The right clothing and accessories play a crucial role in keeping toddlers warm and safe. These essentials not only keep the children warm but also contribute to their overall safety. At Duscha Play School, we understand the importance of these items and work closely with parents to create a comfortable environment for every child. Here’s a list of things that you definitely should consider:

1. Warm Hats and Earmuffs

Preschoolers lose a significant amount of body heat through their heads, making hats crucial in the winter. Choose a hat that covers the ears to provide extra warmth. Ear muffs are also a great addition, offering protection against cold winds and ensuring your child’s ears stay snug and cozy.

2. Gloves or Mittens

Tiny hands need extra protection against the cold, and gloves or mittens are perfect for the job. Look for options that are waterproof and insulated to keep little fingers warm and dry during outdoor play. Consider attaching mittens to your child’s jacket to prevent them from getting lost.

3. Scarves

A soft and breathable scarf can add an extra layer of warmth to your child’s winter attire. Teach them how to wrap it securely to protect their neck from the cold. Opt for scarves made of child-friendly materials to ensure comfort throughout the day.

4. Thermal Socks and Waterproof Boots

Cold feet can make any winter day uncomfortable. Invest in thermal socks to keep your child’s feet warm inside their waterproof boots. The boots should be insulated and have a non-slip sole to ensure safety during snowy or wet conditions.

5. Layered Clothing

Layering is a key strategy for winter comfort. Dress your preschooler in layers, including thermal or long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, and a waterproof outer layer. This allows for easy adjustment based on the indoor and outdoor temperatures, ensuring your child stays comfortable throughout the day.

6. Hot Food and Drinks Container

Warm meals and beverages provide not only nourishment but also an additional source of warmth. Pack a 

thermos with hot soup, cocoa, or tea to keep your child cozy during snack time. Ensure the container is easy to open and spill-proof for convenience.

7. Sunscreen

While it may seem counterintuitive, winter sun can be strong, and the reflection off snow can intensify UV exposure. Apply a child-friendly sunscreen to exposed areas, such as the face and hands, to protect your little one’s delicate skin.

Duscha Play School's Approach to Winter Education

At Duscha, we believe in making education enjoyable, even during the winter months. Our curriculum is designed to incorporate winter-themed activities that engage and educate toddlers. From exploring the concept of seasons to organizing exciting outdoor games, we ensure that each child experiences the magic of winter in a safe and educational way.

Duscha takes pride in making winter learning fun and engaging for toddlers. From crafting snowflakes to learning about winter animals, our curriculum is designed to captivate young minds.

Outdoor Activities We Organize

While the idea of outdoor activities in winter might raise eyebrows, the benefits are too significant to ignore. Duscha Play School recognizes the advantages of outdoor learning during the winter season.

Outdoor activities like scavenger hunts and nature walks not only expose children to the season’s wonders but also promote physical activity. From enhancing motor skills during outdoor play to encouraging creativity through winter crafts, these activities contribute to a holistic learning experience.

Winter Uniform: A Blend of Warmth and Comfort

Introducing our new winter uniform, Duscha Playschool takes a step further in ensuring the well-being of our little ones. Our specially designed winter hoodie and trousers ensure that children are comfortably dressed for the season. The winter hoodie and trousers set allows children to move freely, participating actively in various activities. The uniform is a perfect blend of comfort and style, making the winter season a delightful experience for our preschoolers.

The uniform is not just about warmth; it’s a symbol of the cozy and nurturing environment we provide at Duscha Playschool.

Choosing the Best Play School in Lucknow

When selecting a play school for your child, it’s essential to consider various factors. A warm and inviting environment, a well-rounded curriculum, and dedicated educators are key components of an ideal playschool. Duscha Playschool stands out as the perfect choice, providing a nurturing space where children not only learn but also thrive in the embrace of the winter season.


To sum up, at Duscha Playschool in Lucknow, winter isn’t just about staying cozy; it’s about making memories and nurturing a love for learning. Even as we enjoy the chilly weather, our promise to offer a safe, fun, and educational space stands strong. Come be a part of Duscha Playschool, where every winter day brings chances for kids to grow, explore, and experience joy.

Here are just a few of the programs we offer at Duscha PreSchool & Day Care:

  • No Tuition Fee Hike for the Next Academic Session
  • Modern Preschool Technology-Oriented Infrastructure
  • Air-Conditioned Smart Classes
  • Safe Pickup and Drop Facility
  • Montessori Way of Learning
  • Dedicated Computer Labs and Library
  • Quarterly Health Check-up Camp for Duscha Students
  • Experienced Teachers
  • Affordable Fees

At Duscha PreSchool & Day Care, we understand that every child is unique, and we strive to create a learning environment that is tailored to their individual needs. Our experienced staff works closely with parents to ensure that each child receives the support and attention they need to thrive.


So if you’re looking for the best kids school in Ashiyana, Lucknow, look no further than Duscha PreSchool & Day Care. With our commitment to excellence, individualized attention, and top-notch educational programs, we are the best choice for parents who want to give their children a strong foundation in education.


But don’t just take our word for it – come see for yourself! Schedule a tour of our air-conditioned play school in Lucknow today, and discover why Duscha PreSchool & Day Care is the best school in Ashiyana, Lucknow.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Duscha Play School, we prioritize the safety of our little ones during winter. Dress your preschooler in warm layers, including a cozy coat, hat, gloves, and boots, to keep them snug when they venture outdoors. Remind them to take short breaks during play to avoid getting too cold. Encourage indoor play on extremely cold days to prevent exposure to harsh weather. Keep an eye on weather forecasts, so you can plan accordingly for indoor or outdoor activities. 

With these simple steps, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable winter experience for your little ones at Duscha.

At Duscha, we really enjoy making winter crafts with our little ones. We help them create cute snowflakes using paper and glitter to bring some frosty magic indoors. We also have fun making snowmen with soft cotton balls and colorful buttons, which helps boost creativity and small hand movements. On colder days, we might even make adorable penguins using simple things like paper plates. It’s not just about the crafts; we want to inspire imagination and celebrate the wonders of winter with fun, hands-on projects. These activities turn winter into a time of exploration and creativity for our little learners!

We organize special storytime sessions tailored for preschoolers during the winter months. These sessions are filled with enchanting tales about snowflakes, friendly snowmen, and winter adventures that captivate young minds. Our cozy and themed story sessions create a warm and joyful atmosphere, allowing little ones to explore the wonders of the winter season through delightful stories. It’s a fantastic way for preschoolers to engage their imaginations, learn about the beauty of winter, and foster a love for storytelling.

At Duscha Play School, we make learning about winter holidays and traditions a joyful experience for our preschoolers. Through hands-on activities and colorful crafts, we engage them in the magic of the season. Our dedicated teachers share age-appropriate stories about various winter celebrations, emphasizing the joy of giving and sharing. 

We incorporate fun songs and games that highlight diverse traditions, fostering a sense of unity and understanding. Whether it’s crafting snowflakes or making simple holiday cards, our little ones learn by doing, creating lasting memories.

At Duscha Play School, we make learning about winter weather and seasons fun for preschoolers! We engage little ones with hands-on activities like crafting snowflakes using paper or cotton balls. During circle time, we talk about how winter brings cold weather, and we play pretend games, dressing up in warm winter clothes. Our teachers use colorful visuals, like pictures of snow-covered trees, to spark conversations about the season. We also incorporate winter-themed storybooks and songs to enhance their understanding. By creating a playful and interactive environment, we help preschoolers associate joy and excitement with learning about winter, making it a delightful experience for them.