The Role of Technology in Early Childhood Education in Ashiyana

Our teachers are extremely important in directing how our kids use technology. They encourage children to think critically about the content they are interacting with by posing open-ended questions and taking an active role in technology-related activities. We also make sure that technology and experiential learning are balanced. To offer a well-rounded educational experience, our curriculum include group projects, sensory play, and outdoor recreation. Introduction Our lives are now completely surrounded by technology, which is transforming many sectors of the

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Our children are having fun at ISKON's Temple Garden.

How do field trips at preschool in Lucknow help children learn?

Introduction Field trips in preschool education are valuable experiences that offer young children the opportunity to explore the world beyond their classrooms and learn in a hands-on manner. Early childhood education plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s development, establishing a strong foundation for future learning. Among the various components of early childhood education, field trips stand out to be of great significance, fostering cognitive, social, emotional, and language development in young learners. Benefits of Field Trips in Preschool

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